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No industrial sector has seen change like the print industry. Technology revolutionised the industry in a way beyond even the wildest imagination of any onlooker viewing print processes in the industry in the 1970s. With improved transport links printing and media production has evolved again to the point that it’s now possible for weekend supplement magazines to be published out of the UK and still arrive on time for UK newspaper distribution. The major impact on the print industry has being a compression of margins, a lowering of the cost to enter the market, and the rise of the Desktop print package. High quality print is now accessed by a larger market, which now approaches the printer directly. With access to document technologies that make it simple to transmit files of high enough quality the home user can end up in contact with the professional printer. How does your business operate in this challenging media environment? How do you grow without spending vast sums of money? At Cogitar Software we have developed a software solution called iDirres that offers companies the ability to work with their customers in a way that previously would have required significant capital outlay.
Below is a very simple flow chart of iDirres in use, if you would like to see how iDirres can benefit your business please contact us (details below).

iDirres with webcms

The first cost many businesses have to absorb is that of a website. With iDirres a fully content managed website is included in the cost. Print is an ever changing environment so having a website you can control, amend and update will save you money.

iDirres with webcms

In printing stock is crucial to control, with iDirres inbuilt stock control systems you can find out exactly how much stock you have. When you know how much stock you have, you can gain financial mastery of your business.

iDirres with webcms

The Internet allows you to sell and display your products to a wider audience than you may realise.
Because the shopping cart is included in the price of iDirres, and we don’t take any percentage of the transaction fees like some shopping carts do, you’re in a win, win situation.

iDirres with webcms

iDirres with webcms

If you have staff making sales on the road or over the telephone the prospect system allows them to construct the sale with great detail.

iDirres with webcms

iDirres with webcms

All the customer details are now in one comprehensive CRM system. At no extra cost it is possible to carry out e-mail marketing using the CRM system.

iDirres with webcms
iDirres with webcms

The order is now assembled using the inventory system with barcoding to correctly identify stock.

iDirres with webcms
iDirres with webcms

The order is assembled and processed with the order management system. The order is dispatched.

iDirres with webcms
iDirres with webcms

Because of the CRM system, when the delivery is made and staff are on site all members of the company can find out the contact details for clients etc in an instant.

iDirres with webcms
iDirres with webcms

An integratred combined multi user diary is included in the system so it's possible to diary future appointments between staff members.

iDirres with webcms
iDirres with webcms

The customer service system allows you to work with customers using the online interface.

iDirres from Cogitar Software

Don't get tied into long term contracts, stay with us and our 28 days notice period When you have iDirres you can increase your business presence and make sales even when you’re not there through the use of the shopping cart to make sales online Organise yourself and your business: up-to-date inventory information all of the time Build up a contact and client list with ease Understand your sales, share and retain knowledge in the sales process A customer service system that allows you to reach out to your customers A customer service system that allows you to reach out to your customers A customer service system that allows you to reach out to your customers A customer service system that allows you to reach out to your customers



Stock control








Have access to the best value website on the market

Simple to use shopping cart and e-commerce system

Gain control with integrated stock control and barcoding

Customer relationship management. From the very first contact, get to know your clients

A cost-effective resource to help you plan and understand your sales

Easy to use linked diaries

Customer service system: online customer services make for happy customers

Order processing system

Marketing e-mails for no extra cost

One integrated product bundle: £19.99 per month

Developed and run in the UK by Cogitar Software Limited, a registered UK company

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